Escola de Camins
Barcelona School of Civil Engineering promotes participating in professional internships in the field of civil engineering to complete the student's university training, for a period of time determined from Educational Cooperation Agreements.
The relationship with the collaborating entity is not contractual, therefore the current labor legislation does not apply. During the placement, students receive an economic compensation (scholarship) as stated in the agreement.


Key dates for agreements

Due date for agreement processing
2022-2023 academic year
  • 15 de julio 2023
Due date for agreement termination
2022-2023 academic year
  • Yearly enrolment: September 15th 2023
  • Fall enrolment (Q1): February 10th 2023
  • Spring enrolment (Q2): September 15th 2023
Agreements starting date
2023-2024 academic year
  • September 16th 2023

Contact the Placement Unit

On site support

Cita previa (opción 3)
Monday, from 10am to 1pm

Online support

Support line

+34 934 010 820
Monday to Friday, from 1pm to 2pm


Barcelona School of Civil Engineering
Campus Nord UPC
Building C2, ground floor
C/Jordi Girona Salgado 1-3
08034 Barcelona

Contact person

Mònica Fernández