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Double degree students

Admission requirements

  • Existence of an agreement between Barcelona School of Civil Engineering and the university of origin of the student.
  • The number of students applying for a position has to be equal or lower than the number of positions established by the agreement.
  • The student's transcript of records.

Application procedure

International students that wish to apply for a Double Degree program in our school as part of an International Exchange Program have to access the following web site and submit their application within the deadlines for each exchange period.

Please find more information here

Confirmation of acceptance

Once accepted as an exchange student at Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, students will receive an email or Letter of Acceptance, if needed, a few weeks after the deadline.

Students will also receive an email providing some information about the registration procedures.

The Letter of Acceptance is essential to apply for a student visa and legally remain in Spain during the whole academic stay.

Students from countries outside the EU or from Switzerland will need this letter to receive the student visa at the corresponding Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

Academic calendar



Application deadlines

Your university must have selected you as an applicant for our school in order to apply for an exchange students position.


Application Fall semester / Entire Year From 1st of May to 21st of May
Registration Fall semester / Entire Year Mid September
Application Spring semester From 1st of October to 22nd of October
Registration Spring semester End of January

Student identity card

Students admitted to the program will receive an email indicating the steps they have to follow in order to obtain the student identity card.