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Career fairs

Barcelona School of Civil Engineering promotes the organization of various events that are a meeting point between students and the professional and business environment and that favor the labor insertion of our students.

Currently, the school helds periodically the following two career fairs:

Futuro Civil

The annual Civil Future day is aimed especially at senior students enrolled at Barcelona School of Civil Engineering and takes place in spring.

The objectives are:

  • Publicizing the possibilities and professional options of the sector.
  • Facilitating meeting points.
  • Promoting joint activities among students, companies and public institutions.

Futuro Civil

School Day (Jornada de l'Escola de Camins)

The School Day takes place in April and is organized by the Student Delegation. The day consists of a whole series of activities (work sessions, presentations of research projects, professional associations and other organizations) that pursue the interaction of students with the various agents of the field of Civil Engineering. The day is open to the participation of both students and teachers and is a unique opportunity to learn first hand that there is beyond the classroom and the reality of the professional sector.


The aim is:

  • To inform, discuss and publicize aspects related to the Geological Engineering degree.
  • To reflect on professional alternatives.
  • To reach out to the students, faculty and non-teaching staff of the university and professional fields.