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Bachelor's Degrees

The main objective of the bachelor degree is to form professionals with an excellent scientific background. Our graduates are prepared to comprehend and solve problems and use their knowledge on complex systems when dealing with environmental, soil and urban planning issues with regards to society.


The Sequential Academic Program (SAP) in Civil Engineering allows students to enrol in a bachelor's degree and in a master's degree following different intensifications that will lead them to professional especialization.

SAP in Civil Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Marine Science & Technologies



Master's Degrees

Qualifying Master's Degree

This master's degree qualifies for the profession of Civil Engineer.

Master's Degree in Civil Engineering


Specialized Master's Degrees

Master's Degree in Structural & Construction Engineering

Master's Degree in Numerical Methods in Engineering

Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering

Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering

Master's Degree in Oceanography & Marine Management

Master's Degree in Structural Analysis of Monuments & Historical Constructions

Master's Degree in Urban Mobility


Erasmus Mundus Master's Degrees

Barcelona School of Civil Engineering offers 2 Erasmus Mundus Master's Degrees, a European quality programme that aims to enhance cooperation between different universities around the globe, giving thus students the possibility of attending part of their studies in different higher education institutions.

Màster Erasmus Mundus en Flood Risk Management

Màster Erasmus Mundus en Hydroinformatics and Water Management (EuroAquae)

Màster Erasmus Mundus en Coastal and Marine Engineering and mangement (CoMEM)

Double degrees

Barcelona School of Civil Engineering offers different possibilities of obtaining double and triple degrees. These studies are jointly taught with other national and foreign centers for students to study part of their degrees in different countries and languages.