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Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

The effects of natural coastal hazards, that is, events with a considerable destructive potential, have increased due to factors such as climate change and expanding coastal settlements and economies all over the world, drastically augmenting their potential risks. The main objective of this master is to promote high-level professionals in the fields of Coastal and Maritime Engineering and Management who can meet the challenges faced by the coastal zone due to the impacts of an ever changing world, by developing socially-oriented, ethical and professional coastal management strategies.

General details
Academic year 2018-2019 Starts in September
Duration 2 academic years
Num. of ECTS credits 120
Delivery On-site
Language of instruction English
Official degree Recorded in the Ministry of Education's degree register as "Erasmus Mundus Master in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management (CoMEM)"
Participating universities Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Delft University of Technology (Holland)
University of Southampton (United Kingdom)
City University London (United Kingdom)
Coordinators Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla
César Mösso
Contact César Mösso
Genoveva Comas
More information Official website