Final Thesis

Bachelor's degrees



  • Ordinary:
    October, February & July

  • Extraordinary:

Qualifying master's degrees (M.Sc. Civil Engineering)



  • Ordinary:
    February & July

  • Extraordinary:

Specialized master's degrees



  • Ordinary:
    February or July  **

  • Extraordinary:

    May or October  **

    ** (depending on the semester of first enrolment)

Students must choose a thesis by:

  • Consulting the thesis proposals at PORTAL Camins and according in advance with their supervisor working on a thesis from the list of proposals.
  • Proposing a thesis and contacting with the future supervisor of their choosing. Should students wish to develop their thesis at an entity outside the university they must agree with a School's professor to formally supervise their work.
  • The thesis can also be part of a mobility program, whether it is recognised or not with regards to the achievement of requirements to be recognised.

The thesis supervisor, within the terms established in the procedures calendar in the school's website, and always prior to enrolment, will have to register or assign the thesis by means of PORTAL Camins.

Registering the thesis is mandatory in order for student's to enrol.

Any change in the initial thesis registration will be notified by the supervisor by email to the Unitat de Suport a la Gestió dels Estudis de Grau i Màster (USGEGM).

Students doing their Final Thesis as part of a mobility program, will be automatically assigned a thesis before the enrolment period starts. If they finally choose to defend at the school, they will have to find their own supervisor, who will register the thesis at PORTAL Camins, and follow the school's procedures calendar to defend their thesis in the current academic year.

Students must enrol their Final Thesis at e-Secretaria.

The thesis can be enroled as long as it is registered and the student meets all the requirements established in the specific regulations for each programme.

In case of semester enrolment (specialised master's degree) if the thesis is not defended in the same semester it was enroled, students may apply for an extraordinary call within next semester by paying just the administrative fees. Please check the dates for each specific call in the procedures calendar or at each programmes' website page.

Students enroling their thesis, will find in ATENEA TFE a tool to manage their bachelor's or master's. This tool will help you with follow up and deposit phases (supervisor-student link, documentation, thesis deposit, etc.).

In order to deposit the final thesis, supervisors must fill in a follow-up report (3A form) available at PORTAL Camins.

Check the periods established for depositing the final thesis, date and time reservation, defence, etc. in the following links:

The thesis is delivered in digital format. The digital deposit aims to introduce and facilitate the management of users. It also allows the electronic documentary management of the thesis presented, guarantees their permanent preservation and their archiving and custody.

What are the academic requirements?

  • Students must register their thesis in the current academic year.
  • The title of the thesis must be the same as that submitted to the Portal Camins/e-Secretaria. In case it is not the same, contact your supervisor in order for them to ask UPC Academic Services to change it.
  • Students must provide the external supervisor report, if necessary.
  • Supervisor must fill in the 3a form available at PORTALCamins within the terms established in the procedures calendar for each call.

What are the requirements for digital deposit?

Depositing at eSecretaria

Information on keywords, confidenciality, language of delivery, etc.

  • Please identify using UPC's user and password.
Depositing at ATENEA TFE

Delivery of the project report and annexes.

  • Please identify using UPC's user and password.

What is the format of the thesis?

In general, theses must contain up to 6 files:

  • Project report: 1 file of up to 40 MB (in pdf format)
  • Annexed documents: a maximum of 5 files of up to 30 MB eeach (in pdf / zip formats)
  • Total (report and annexes): up to 120 MB altogether

In the event that the thesis is a construction project, basic project or any other project that includes plans or blueprints, a hard copy of the work plans must be submitted to the president of the board, on the day of the defence. The scale and the format of the plans (to be chosen from the standard DIN A0 to DIN A4) are free, but they must allow to correctly visualize their components and details.

Please refer to the specific section of the master's/bachelor's thesis at the OpenCourseWare, for details on the format of the thesis for each degree.


In the case of bachelor's thesis and qualifying master's theses, to publish the project on-line, it is mandatory for students to provide some highlights:

  • Summary of the thesis (up to 4.000 characters)
  • Image summarizing the work (which is the first image that is requested, mandatory and up to 10 MB in size)
  • Optionally, choose two secondary images associated with the thesis (in gif, jpg, png format and up to 10 MB in size)

Please upload these files at Portal Camins > Treball Final de Grau > Resum del TFM.

How do I make the deposit?

Digital deposits are made using the e-Secretaria and ATENEA TFE platforms.

 NEW  As instructed by the Acord del CG de Procediment de prevenció de plagi, students must, as well as depositing their Final Thesis through ATENEA TFE, accept the declaration of originality of their work by marking with a "check" the phrase "I declare that it is an original thesis and that the sources consulted are cited in the bibliography" that appears in the section "LLIURAMENT" of ATENEA-TFE.

This is a requirement prior to the validation of the TFE by the director of the thesis and necessary in order to be evaluated.

Attention: Due to Data Protection Regulations, students must only write either their name or ID number on the cover (do not write both).

When do I deposit?

You can upload your thesis between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. during the period of submission.

Whom do I address for support?

Send an email to SIAE-Camins:

stating in the subject: "Digital Deposit Incident"

Attention: Please check our FAQs related to these procedures.

Students can choose at Portal Camins (Bachelor's degrees and Qualifying master's degrees: MECCP12/MECCP+) the date and time frame (morning or afternoon) of defence, from the ones available. Once chosen, this date and time cannot be modified.

Students from Specialized master's degrees (MEEC, MEA, METES, MUM, MMNE) cannot choose a date from Portal Camins, they must check here the date and time they have been assigned by the master's coordinator. This information will be published some days after the end of the ordinary date and time reservation period.

Students must have previously deposited the thesis. Students enroled in the Bachelor's Degree in Public Works*, must also present their internship documentation.

The date and time reservation period accepts applications starting at 9:00h on the first day of the period till 14:00h on the last day.

Please note that the presentation rooms are already equipped with a projector and desktop computer (with Windows 10, Office 2016 & LibreOffice). Students wishing to use their personal computer must ensure the viability of the connection with the on-site projector (cables or converters needed).

Date and time assigned

Bachelor's Degrees

Mobility students

Double degrees

Qualifying master's degrees

Specialized master's degrees

Erasmus Mundus master's degrees

* Also known as Bachelor's Degree in Construction Engineering.

The presentation and defence of the TFE before the court is public and consists of two phases:

  • Presentation by the student of a summary of the content of the thesis of a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Defence by the student to the questions that the court considers pertinent of approximately 10 minutes.

Students must show up half an hour before the start of the session to save the presentations on the assigned classroom PC.

In the case of students of the Degree in Public Works Engineering* lthe students must include in their presentation the data on the practices carried out.

In the event that the thesis report is part of a Constructive Project, Basic Project or any other work that includes a plan annex or document, students must deliver to the president of the board on the day of the defence a hardcopy of the plans. The scale and the format of the plans (to choose between the DIN A0-A4 standards) are free, but must allow the correct visualization of the elements that compose them and their details.

* Also known as Bachelor's Degree in Co nstruction Engineering.

Once the defence has been completed and passed, the president of the defence board will introduce the grade in the system and will send the defence act to be electronically signed by all the members of the board. Once the defence act has been duly signed by all the board members, the grade will be automatically introduced in the student's academic file.

From the moment the qualification is incorporated into the file, students who meet all the academic requirements to complete their studies will be able to start the procedures to apply for the degree.

Please check all the information on how to apply for the degree in the Academic procedures section of the school's website.