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Numerical Methods in Engineering

Master's Degree in Numerical Methods in Engineering

Nowadays, the industrial sector requires precise and reliable numerical simulations of product and process design: the Master's Degree in Numerical Methods in Engineering meets the needs of simulating, forecasting and optimising any problem in the field of engineering through computational mechanics. Given the transversality and universality of this discipline, and in order to facilitate the internationalisation of its graduates, these studies are taught in English.

The Master's Degree in Numerical Methods in Engineering provides multidisciplinary training in computational mechanics in view of the growing demand for accurate and reliable numerical simulations. It aims to produce specialists in the theory and applications of calculation methods for product and process design, in the widest possible sense. Graduates will immediately be able to apply the knowledge acquired in industry. Their solid scientific training will also enable them to pursue a doctoral degree.

Agelet De Saracibar Bosch, Carlos
Arias Vicente, Irene
Arroyo Balaguer, Marino
Baiges Aznar, Joan
Belles Ros, Francesc Xavier
Bravo Martínez, José Raúl
Cervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel
Chiumenti, Michele
Codina Rovira, Ramon
Dadvand, Pooyan
De Pouplana Sardà, Ignasi
Dialami Shabankareh, Narges
Diez Mejia, Pedro
Fernandez Mendez, Sonia
Garcia Gonzalez, Alberto
Giacomini, Matteo
Gonzalez Lopez, Jose Manuel
Hernandez Ortega, Joaquin Alberto
Huerta Cerezuela, Antonio
Muixí Ballonga, Alba
Oliver Olivella, Francisco Javier
Oñate Ibañez De Navarra, Eugenio
Pastor Torrente, Nativitat
Principe Rubio, Ricardo Javier
Rossi Bernecoli, Riccardo
Ryzhakov, Pavel
Saez Viñas, Pablo
Sala Lardies, Esther
Sarrate Ramos, Jose
Torres Sánchez, Alejandro
Vilanova Caicoya, Guillermo
Zarate Araiza, Jose Francisco
Zlotnik Martinez, Sergio

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