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Civil Engineering

Master's Degree in Civil Engineering

This master's degree allows for a Double Degree between the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering (MsDCE) and the Master's Degree in Urban Mobility (MsDUM).

The Master's Degree in Civil Engineering provides advanced multidisciplinary and technological training that will enable you to work in research, design and analysis of infrastructure and civil engineering projects and will qualify you to practise as a civil engineer.

The curriculum reinforces prior learning in mathematics, physics, science and technology on the bachelor's degree course by teaching students the most advanced and experimental techniques for modelling in engineering. The master's degree includes study abroad at some of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world in the framework of mobility programmes and agreements.

It provides future professionals with a solid technical grounding in designing infrastructure and supervising its development, and in planning and managing environmental services and resources for spatial planning.

Alegre Heitzmann, Vicente
Alonso Pérez de Ágreda, Eduardo
Altamira Algarra, Beatriz
Anitori, Giorgio
Arias Vicente, Irene
Arrayago Luquin, Itsaso
Arroyo Álvarez de Toledo, Marcos
Aymamí Alcarraz, Josep Maria
Berenguer Ferrer, Marc
Blade Castellet, Ernest
Bonet Gil, Enrique
Bretones Gallardo, Miguel Angel
Bugeda Castelltort, Gabriel
Carol Vilarasau, Ignacio
Carreño Tibaduiza, Martha Liliana
Carrera Ramirez, Jesús -
Casas Rius, Juan Ramon
Celigueta Jordana, Miguel Angel
Cervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel
Chiumenti, Michele
Codina Rovira, Ramon
De Pouplana Sardà, Ignasi
Dialami Shabankareh, Narges
Di Capua, Daniel
Dieguez Garcia, Jose Miguel
Diez Mejia, Pedro
Di Mariano Simoncini, Alessandra
Domingo Tarancón, Magí
Espino Infantes, Manuel
Estrada Romeu, Miguel Angel
Fernandez Garcia, Daniel
Ferrer Boix, Carles
Ferrer Marti, Ivet
Garcia Formatje, Alex -
Garcia Gonzalez, Alberto
Gens Solé, Antonio
Gironella i Cobos, Francesc Xavier
Gomez Valentin, Manuel
Gracia Garcia, Vicente
Grifoll Colls, Manuel
Gullon Santos, Martin
Jiménez Meroño, Enrique
Jimenez Quintana, Jose Antonio
Jiménez Reyes, Sergio
Josa i Culleré, Irene
Ledesma Villalba, Alberto
Liste Muñoz, Maria
Lizcano Nuñez, Benedicto
Lloberas Valls, Oriol
Macias Arau, Pere
Mari Bernat, Antonio Ricardo
Martín Vide, Juan Pedro
Martinez Reguero, Adriana Haydee
Mercadé Aloy, Josep
Mirambell Arrizabalaga, Enrique
Miro Farrerons, Joan
Miro Recasens, Jose Rodrigo
Muixí Ballonga, Alba
Murcia Delso, Juan
Olivares Cerpa, Gonzalo Javier
Olivella Pastalle, Sebastià
Oliver Olivella, Francisco Javier
Oller Ibars, Eva Maria
Oñate Ibañez De Navarra, Eugenio
Pastor Torrente, Nativitat
Pela, Luca
Pérez Foguet, Agustí
Pinyol Puigmartí, Núria Mercè
Puig Damians, Ivan
Ramon Tarragona, Anna
Ramos Schneider, Gonzalo
Real Saladrigas, Esther
Robusté Antón, Francesc
Roca Bosch, Elisabeth
Roca Fabregat, Pedro
Rodriguez Ferran, Antonio
Rodriguez Niedenführ, Miquel
Rueda Hernández, Estel
Russo, Beniamino
Saez Viñas, Pablo
Sanchez-Arcilla Conejo, Agustin
Sarrate Ramos, Jose
Sierra Pedrico, Juan Pablo
Solé Bundó, Maria
Soriguera Martí, Francesc
Tellez Alvarez, Jackson David
Torres Sánchez, Alejandro
Turmo Coderque, Jose
Uggetti, Enrica
Vargas Parra, Maria Violeta
Vilanova Caicoya, Guillermo
Zarate Araiza, Jose Francisco

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