Application & admission


Exchange students

Who can be an exchange student

Admission criteria and procedure

In order to be accepted at the Civil Engineering School of Barcelona as an exchange student, the applicant must be enrolled at a partner university.

Exchange students have to be nominated by their home university but the final decision of acceptance is made by the Civil Engineering School of Barcelona, and is based on the individual assessment of each application.

The period for the registration in Barcelona depends on the studies you are applying for:

  • Bachelor studies:

  • Master studies:

If you are planning to join us just for one semester, please take care when you select the subjects you are going to study: there are subjects given in the fall semester (Q1), subjects given in the spring semester (Q2) and some subjects are given during the whole year.

Transcript of Records

Be aware that the official transcript of records will be available and sent to the home University on July, at the end of the academic year.



Double degree students

Who can be a double degree student

Admission criteria and procedure

Our School has established several double degree programs with the folowwing institutions:

Degree seeking students

Visiting Students

Who can be a visiting student

Visiting students are students from other universities who join a degree at the UPC as part of their education, and whose enrolment fees are not covered by a specific mobility programme or exchange agreement.

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