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Exchange students

Admission requirements

  • Existance of an agreement between the Civil Engineering School of Barcelona and the university of the student.
  • The number of students applying for a position has to be equal or lower than the number of positions stablished by the agreement.
  • The student's transcript of records.

Enrolment criteria for exchange students

  • You can mix subjects from the different degrees offered by the School.
  • 1 semester of studies: you must select from 20 to 30 ECTS credits.
  • Whole year: you must select from 40 to 60 ECTS credits.

International students are also welcome to perform a research work at our School. However, there is no service provided to match student requests with on-going research projects at the School. A student who wishes to carry out a research work must contact the research group or professor directly and make the arrangements with them before applying. After following these steps, the student can apply as an exchange student.

Evaluation of the research work: it is assessed by a Board of Examiners during a public and oral presentation. More details and deadlines.

If you do not want to defend the research work, please find more information here

Confirmation of acceptance

Once you are accepted as an exchange student at the Civil Engineering School of Barcelona, you will receive an e-mail or Letter of acceptance, if needed, a few weeks after the deadline.

You will also receive an email providing some information about the registration procedures.

The Letter of acceptance is essential to process your student visa to remain in Spain during your academic stay.

Students from countries out of the EU or from Switzerland will need this letter to get the student visa at the corresponding Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

Academic Calendars 


Mid September  (First Semester and Annual students)

End of January  (Second Semester students)

Nomination and Application deadlines

Your university must have selected you as applicant for our school in order to apply for an exchange.

Application Fall semester / Entire Year

From 27th of April to 20th of May 2021

Nomination deadline (by email): 26th of April 2021

Registration Fall semester / Entire Year Mid September
Application Spring semester

From 26th of October to the 19th of November 2021


Nomination deadline (by email): 25th of October 2021

Registration Spring semester End of January

Application procedure

International students that wish to spend one academic year in our School as part of an International Exchange Programme have to access the following intranet and submit their application within the deadlines for each exchange period.

Please find more information here

Duration of the exchange

Depending on the agreement between both universities, the exchange's duration can be one semester or one year.

Student identity card

The admitted students will receive an email indicating the steps they have to follow in order to obtain the student identity card.