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Date of your defense

Students will have to choose through Portal Camins (Bachelor's and master's degrees with attributions) the day of Defense and the session (morning or afternoon), from among the available provided by the diffferent boards of professors. Once you have selected the date, it will not be modified.

The students of the master's degrees with no attributions can not choose date through the Portal Camins, they must consult in this section the day and time of the defence provided by the Coordinator of the master. The information will be published a few days after the regular reservation period of day and session of the defenses.

Remember that, in order to be able to select a date or to be assigned a date for your defense, you must have done the digital deposit of your Thesis and in the case of students of the Bachelor's Degree in Public Works*, you must have submitted the documentation of your internship.

During the period of reservation of date and time, reservations can be made from 9:00 am on the first day of reservations up to 14 hours of the last day of the deadline.

Please note that the presentation rooms are equipped with a projector and a desktop computer. In case you will use your personal laptop, it will be the responsibility of the user to ensure the viability of the connection with the projector in the living room (cables or converters needed).


You can check the date and hour assigned to your defense in the following section:

* Before Bachelor's Degree in Construction Engineering