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The school

Escola de Camins

Barcelona School of Civil Engineering is the only center in Catalonia that teaches civil engineering. Our main objective is to train highly qualified professionals in civil, maritime and environmental engineering, with solid scientific training and strong management skills. Students at Barcelona School of Civil Engineering are capable of assuming complex challenges and adapting to an always-changing business and social environment, contributing to its sustainable development.

In the field of civil engineering, the school is one of the most prestigious centers in Europe, based on the quality of teaching and the excellence of a high level research activity. On the other hand, the school has an administration department formed by a team of professionals whose main task is to provide the best quality service.

Bachelor's Degrees:

  • Academic Program in Civil Engineering (6 years)
  • Civil Engineering (4 years)
  • Marine Science & Technologies(4 years)
  • Environmental Engineering (4 years)

Master's Degrees and Doctoral courses:

  • Master's degrees areas of knowledge: Civil, Geological & Environmental Engineering, sustainability and natural resources. Some of the courses are taught in English.
  • The Doctoral program in Civil Engineering is recognized with a quality award from the Spanish Ministry of Education & Science.