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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the executive body and the permanent representation of the School Board. It is chaired by the director of the School (Article 18, Civil Engineering School Regulations School 09/26/2018)

It is composed by staff members (13)  and elected members (18), these are elected among and by them.(Article 20, Civil Engineering School Regulations 26/09/2018)

Its roles and responsabilities can be consulted in the Civil Engineering School Regulations 26/09/2018).



Director Real Saladrigas, Esther

Academic Secretary

Oller Ibars, Eva

Deputy Director Sànchez Juny, Martí

Deputy Director

Fernàndez Garcia, Daniel

Deputy Director

Mösso Aranda, César

Deputy Director

Soriguera Martí, Francesc

Deputy Director Cervera Ruiz, Miguel

Deputy Director

Ferrer Martí, Ivet

Deputy Director Baiges Aznar, Joan

Deputy Director

Zlotnik, Sergio

Chief Administrative Officer Cullell Tebe, Víctor

Director of Dept Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sànchez Vila, Xavier

Student Delegate Del Río Fernández, Paula





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Arias Vicente, Irene
Bairan Garcia, Jesús Miguel
Fernàndez Garcia, Daniel
Olivella Pastallé, Sebastià
Prat Catalan, Pere
 (2 vacants)
Bretones Gallardo, Miguel Angel
Barbat Vlad, Gabriel
Dialamishabankareh, Narges
Barat Brull, Arnau
Botella Langa, Alejandro
Cantons Puentes, Sergio
Coy Pérez, David
Lerin Solé, David
(1 vacant)
Aguilera Millan, Angel
Martín Llach, Núria