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Advisory Boards

Assessment Board for Teaching and Research Staff


The Assessment Board is a consultive body of the director.

It consists of:

      • The Director
      • The Deputy Directors,
      • The Academic Secretary,
      • The Chief Administrative Officer or the person who exercises his or her functions

The Assessment Board cannot limit the competencies that the School and UPC Regulations grant to the director, the deputy directors and the Academic Secretary in their role as single-person bodies. 

(Article 23, Civil School Regulations, Section 2.B)


List of positions and people who currently hold them

Academic Council for Geological Engineering


The Academic Council for Geological Engineering has the following responsabilities

Coordinate and manage the studies ensuring the coherence and interrelation of the taught subjects within the framework of the curriculum and choosing from among the teaching staff the tutor or tutors in charge of advising and supervising the individual curricula of the students.

To organize annually the education and the courses for which it is responsible, as well as to realize the monitoring and control of teaching.

Inform the Governing Committee of the Degree in Geological Engineering and the Master's Degree in Geological Engineering and the departments integrated in education about the agreements taken by the Teaching Council.


UPC's Members
  • Director of the Civil Engineering Schools

    Professor Esther Real

  • Director of Studies of Geotechnical Engineering

    Professor Daniel Fernández

  • Head of the Academic Secretary Service of the Civil Engineering School

    Mercè Benet

Universitat de Barcelona Members
  • Dean of the Earth Sciences Faculty

    Professor Albert Casas

  • Director of Studies of Geological and Environmental Engineering

    Professor Jaume Pous

  • Head of the Academic Secretary Service

    Rosa Maria Per