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Civil Engineering

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering-2010

This bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, aims to produce generalist engineers who have a solid grounding in the basic sciences and a wide-ranging view of civil engineering and its applications in developing and improving contemporary societies, and it seeks alternative solutions that respect the environment.

How transport and cities are organised; designing roads; protecting coasts and beaches; defending against floods and earthquakes; analysing and designing large-scale infrastructure; and researching and developing new sources of energy—all of this is the work of civil engineers. The degree gives access to mobility pathways leading to double degrees with prestigious institutions across the world.

Academic year 2019-2020 starts September 2019
Duration 4 years
Study load 240 ECTS (including the bachelor's thesis)
Delivery On-campus
Language Spanish & Catalan
Places There are no places available as this is a degree in extinction.
Official degree Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (recorded in the Spanish Ministry of Education's degree register)
Double degree agreements

From the 2020-2021 academic year the Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering (2010 program) will be in extinction and will not accept new applicants. Students currently enrolled in this program will have two choices:

Career opportunities

  • Analysis, design and planning in relation to infrastructure projects, urbanism, landmark construction projects and logistics operations.
  • Management of engineering, infrastructure and consulting companies.
  • Consultancy for civil engineering firms and companies in industry and the service sector.
  • Technical and management positions with government agencies.
  • Self-employment.

Learning objectives

  • To form generalist engineers, with a good background in basic sciences and a broad insight on civil engineering.
  • The bachelor's degree in civil engineering provides the necessary knowledge to manage, design and monitor works involving roads, highways, channels, bridges, harbors, airports, dams, tunnels, gas stations, sewers, water treatment plants, parking lots, industrial units, building structures, water supply & collecting systems, water drainage, and train & urban planning among others.
  • This bachelor's degree qualifies for the regulated profession of Civil Engineer. Once the bachelor's degree is achieved, students are granted access to the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering.

The Bachelor's Thesis is an original exercise to be done individually and presented and defended before a university pannel consisting in a project in the sphere of the specific civil engineering technologies synthesising and integrating the competences acquired on the course.

List of bachelor's thesis currently scheduled for public presentation:

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