Enrolment to master's degrees for former students (Q2)

Spring semester



Enrollment of second semester courses (Q2)

Online enrolment:
Enrolment support phone (10am-1pm local time): +34 934 011 840

Environmental Engineering February 9th 2022
Geotechnical Engineering February 9th 2022
Structural & Construction Engineering February 9th 2022
Numerical Methods in Engineering February 9th 2022

Sustainability Science & Technology

February 9th 2022
Urban Mobility February 9th 2022
Double Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering and in Mining Engineering February 9th 2022
Double Master's Degree in Sustainability Science & Technology and in Sustainable Intervention in the Built Environment February 9th 2022

Contact the Academic Secretariat (SIAE Camins) during the enrolment period

On-site (set an appointment)
Enrolment support

For online enrolment queries

Technical support phone

For queries related to the e-Secretaria

Contact email

  • Please enrol online at e-Secretaria in the date and time you have been assigned and before 10am (local time) of the following day. Check the date and time assigned at Enrolment > Enrolment conditions.
    To activate all menu options, you must fill out all the mandatory fields, if you haven't done so, you will receive a warning message.
  • You can download the official enrolment form at Forms and payments (select the form, language and click on Show form)

Enrolment modifications and academic regulations


Enrolment forms can be modified.

You can apply for an enrolment modification of your 2020-2021 enrolment form at e-Secretaria (Procedures > Request > Enrolment) until February 22th 2022, as stated in the academic procedures calendar for master's degrees.

Given that the enrolment for the Master in Civil Engineering is done once a year, modifications of the courses taught during the spring semester will also be accepted until February 22nd 2022.


Bear always in mind that by filling out the aforementioned enrolment form you are doing so under your own responsibility and are liable to all administrative conditions, regulations and procedures concerning the enrolment process as stated in UPC's General Academic Regulations for Master's Degrees as well as in the Master's Degrees Regulations at Barcelona School of Civil Engineering.

How to enrol

Payment options
  • SEPA transfer (before online enrolling)
    Only for banks within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA): In case of one payment by direct debit or in instalments, you must fill out your bank details at e-Secretaria (My details > Bank accounts> Addbutton).
  • Other payment options
    No necessary action is necessary before online enrolment if:
Grants and fees

Check all the information on grants, public fees, payment options and discounts on enrolment fees.