Mandatory documentation for access to a master's degree

In the following sections, you can find out how to submit the mandatory documentation for admission to a master's program at UPC, before completing your studies.
Attention: UPC undergraduate students do not need to provide any of the documents listed on this webpage.

It is essential to read this page thoroughly to ensure you follow all the instructions to meet this requirement.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to obtain the master's degree or request academic certificates until you have submitted all the documentation.

1. Through the e-Secretaria, document in put section


  • Only academic documents in Spanish, Catalan, or English are accepted. For other languages, you must provide the original document and a sworn translation into one of the indicated languages.
  • You can only attach the degree (or substitute document) and the transcript if they are authentic electronic copies. This means they contain a secure verification code (CSV) and/or QR code to verify their authenticity on the electronic site of the university (or the organization that legalized/apostilled documents issued outside the European Union - EU -).
  • Submit a B2 level English certificate, or higher, only for the following master's programs: Civil Engineering; Numerical Methods in Engineering; Urban Mobility. See point 4 for more information.

List of MANDATORY documents to attach in the e-SECRETARIA (document in put section)

NOTICE: Make sure to select the correct concept for each document in the dropdown menu of the e-Secretaría>documentation submission.

  1. Identity document: DNI (only for Spanish nationals). Passport (for other nationalities). Additionally, if you are an EU member, you must also present your identity document from your country of origin.
    Attention: those with dual Spanish nationality must attach the Spanish DNI (instead of the passport) so that the nationality recorded in the system is Spanish.
  2. Legal residence document in Spain: NIE, for non-EU students / Certificate of Registration as an EU Citizen, for EU students.
    You have 3 months to attach it after enrollment.
    Check the procedure on the website upon arrival in Barcelona.
  3. Degree / substitute document while pending issuance. Authentic electronic copy of the degree / substitute document containing the secure verification code (CSV) and/or QR code. Attach all pages of the document, including the translation, if necessary, in a single PDF (**). For degrees outside the EU, include the apostille/legal diplomatic legalization. Select document type: Degree or substitute document.
    (**) To generate a single PDF from multiple digitally signed/protected documents (You need to have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed). First, select all documents with the mouse; right-click and choose Combine files in Acrobat. Then press the Combine button and save as Portfolio.
  4. Official transcript of records. Authentic copy of the transcript of records, containing the CSV and/or QR code. Follow the instructions above for the degree regarding translation, legalization/apostille, and generating a single PDF. Select document type: Non-UPC personal academic certification.
  5. Statement of grade equivalence for foreign studies (obtained from the website of the Spanish Ministry of Universities). Those who applied for admission to the master's program (pre-enrollment) at another university do not need to submit this document.

2. How to present the original degrees and transcripts if they are not authentic electronic copies


  • You must present the original documents of both (including translation and/or legalization/apostille, if applicable). Do not forget to bring a photocopy of all the documentation to keep in our files.
  • Documents certified by universities in Spain with the original wet seal are accepted. Copies of a certified document are not accepted.
  • Documents issued by foreign organizations certified by a notary in Spain or by Spanish diplomatic or consular representations in the country of origin of the documentation are accepted. The original seal of the certification must be fully legible and signed and dated by the official. Copies of certified documents are not accepted.

2.1. How can you deliver the documents?

Check the location map for the places mentioned in this section.

a) In Person with Appointment

  • Location:
    Secretaría de la Escuela de Caminos (SIAE Camins), ground floor, building C2 of the Campus Nord UPC
  • Day and Time:
    Tuesday from 10:00 to 13:00

Request an Appointment (Option 4: Submit Master's Documentation)

b) In Person without Appointment

  • Location: Reception of the Escuela de Caminos, ground floor, building C1 of the Campus Nord UPC, Mailbox 56

The original documents and photocopies must be submitted in a sealed envelope. The following information must be written on the envelope: Student's name and surname, master's program name, and the following text: "Original documents for master's admission. Recipient: Ana Luz Saco".

  • Days: Monday to Friday
  • Hours: from 8:30 to 19:00

IMPORTANT: Building C1 will be closed from August 1 to 31.

Attention: To recover the original documents if you left them in the mailbox, see point 3.

This option is only offered to those students that cannot make the delivery on site.

Delivery address:

Ana Luz Saco
UPC - Escola de Camins - UGM
Campus Diagonal Nord UPC
C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3, Building C1, ground floor.

Courier delivery

In case it is delivered by courier, the delivery address remains the same, but you must also provide the courier the following data:

  • Contact phone: +34 934 016 484
  • Contact person: Mrs. Núria Martín
  • Delivery time: workdays, from 8:30am till 7pm

WARNING: The building will be closed from August 1 to 31 (both included). Should the documents reach the school within the holiday season, they will be sent back to the sender.

Please check point 3 in this page to find out how to get your original documents back.

3. How will you get your original documents back?

The original documents will be kept at SIAE-Camins until they are collected from the ground floor of building C2 at UPC-Campus Nord by appointment.

You should request an appointment once you have received an email confirmation that we have received and verified your documents.

Location: SIAE-Camins, ground floor, building C2 of Campus Nord UPC

REQUEST APPOINTMENT (option 1: information and procedures)

In case you cannot come to get the original documents back on site, because you live far from the school, we can deliver them to you:

a) By certified mail (without cost)

The documents will be sent to the address informed at e-Secretaria > My details > Personal Data.

Thus it is important that you check that it is correctly written. In case of using an address outside Spain, please include the ZIP code at the beginning of the field Datos municipio as the field Código postal "99999" cannot be modified to be used with ZIP codes from other countries different from Spain.

Once the delivery has been confirmed, you will receive the delivery data so that you can track the envelope.

b) By courier (with a cost for the student)

There is also the possibility of the student contracting a courier service to pick up the documents. Please take into account the following data:

  • Pick-up address:
    UPC - Escola de Camins - USGEGM
    Campus Diagonal Nord UPC
    C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edificio C1, planta baja.
    Phone: +34 934 016 484
  • Phone number: +34 934 016 484
  • Contact person: Mrs. Núria Martín
  • Pick-up time: workdays, from 8am till 8pm

The email address the courier service must send the identification documents is These documents must reach SIAE Camins at least 4 workdays in advance, otherwise the envelope will not be deposited in time for pick up as we currently work remotely due to COVID restrictions

4. Submission of English Certificate

This certificate is only required if you are studying one of the following master's programs: Civil Engineering, Urban Mobility, Numerical Methods in Engineering.

Check how to submit the B2 level English certificate, or higher, on this webpage (new URL pending). There are two steps:

  • Upload the certificate to Portal Camins.
  • Present the original at the Secretariat (SIAE Camins) for validation. You will need to make an appointment at the following appointment link here under Information, procedures, and internships.