Access master's degree documents

Attention: The page is in the process of being updated for the 2024-2025 academic year. Expected completion date: mid-May 2024.

In the following sections you can consult how to present the original master's degree enrolment documents for their validation. It is also necessary to provide a copy of all the documents to include them in the actual academic record file.

WARNING: new  The due date to deliver the documents is until the end of the studies. Not delivering them on time will imply not receiving the master's degree certificate. The cancellation also implies that no official certificates will be issued until the documents are delivered in full.

1. Which documents must you deliver?

The following page lists the documentation you must deliver depending on the university of origin.

You may download the checklist to ensure that you bring all the required enrolment documents.

WARNING: Do not forget to deliver a photocopy of all the documents. At SIAE-Camins we do not print the documents attached to the admission site, nor the ones attached to the enrolment form.

We do not need photocopies of the following documents:

  • Documents that must be uploaded to the e-Secretaria (see checklist)
  • Documents including a verification secure code
  • Copies of the degree certificate or transcript of records certified by a Spanish university (with an original wet-stamp, copies will be rejected).

new Copies of the documents issued by foreign organisms will be accepted only if they are certified by a Spanish notary or by the Spanish diplomatic or consular representatives of the country they were issued in (without the need for original documents). The stamp must be legible and be dated and signed by the relevant authority.

IMPORTANT: Only authentic digital copies with an electronic signature and a secure verification code (cvs), which allows the documents to be viewed on the university's website, can replace the original degree certificate and transcript of records.

2. Please take into account that...

  • You can only attend the sites indicated if you have an appointment.
  • You may ask for just one appointment for all your queries.
  • In case you cannot make it to the appointment on time, for justified reasons, you must always send an email cancelling the appointment, as soon as possible.
  • The dates established to deliver the documents on-site can change due to the COVID-related sanitary measures established by the government. We will inform you of such changes by email once we are informed of the new measures.
  • Check the map for location.

WARNING: The documents must be presented in the order established in the checklist above-mentioned. Please separate the original documents from the copies into two piles. This will ease comparing the original and the copies and speed up the process.

3. How can you deliver the documents?

a) On-site with an appointment

  • Place:
    School secretariat (SIAE Camins), ground floor, building C2, Campus Nord UPC-BarcelonaTech
  • Date & time:
    Tuesday from 10am till 1pm

Set an appointment

b) On-site without an appointment

Front desk of Barcelona School of Civil Engineering

Original documents and copies must be delivered in a close envelope. Please write in the envelope the following information: Student's name and surname, master's degree and the following text: "Documentación original de matrícula. Destinataria: Ana Luz Saco".

  • Place:
    School's front desk, ground floor, building C1, mail box number 56, Campus Nord UPC-BarcelonaTech
  • Date:
    From Monday to Friday
  • Time:
    From 8:30am till 7pm

Please check point 4 in this page to find out how to get your original documents back.

This option is only offered to those students that cannot make the delivery on site.

Delivery address

Ana Luz Saco
UPC - Escola de Camins - UGM
Campus Diagonal Nord UPC
C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edificio C1, planta baja.

Courier information

In case it is delivered by courier, the delivery address remains the same, but you must also provide the courier the following data:

  • Phone number: +34 934 016 484
  • Contact: Mr. Tomás Martí
  • Delivery time: workdays, from 8:30am till 7pm

Please check point 4 in this page to find out how to get your original documents back.

  • Winter holidays: last week of December and first week of January*.
  • Summer holidays: from 1st till 31st August*.

*Should the documents reach the school within the holiday season, they will be sent back to the sender.

4. How will you get your original documents back should you choose options 1b or 2?

Original documents will be guarded at SIAE-Camins until you come to get them back with an appointment.

You may ask for an appointment once you receive by email the confirmation that we have received and verified the documents.

  • Place:
    School secretariat (SIAE Camins), ground floor, building C2, Campus Nord UPC-BarcelonaTech

Set an appointment > Academic procedures & information

In case you cannot come to get the original documents back on site, because you live far from the school, we can deliver them to you:

a) By certified mail (without cost)

The documents will be sent to the address informed at e-Secretaría > Datos personales > Mis datos.

Thus it is important that you check that it is correctly written. In case of using an address outside Spain, please include the ZIP code at the beginning of the field Datos municipio as the field Código postal "99999" cannot be modified to be used with ZIP codes from other countries different from Spain.

Once the delivery has been confirmed, you will receive the delivery data so that you can track the envelope.

b) By courier (with a cost for the student)

There is also the possibility of the student contracting a courier service to pick up the documents. Please take into account the following data:

  • Pick up address:
    UPC - Escola de Camins - USGEGM
    Campus Diagonal Nord UPC
    C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edificio C1, planta baja.
    Phone: +34 934 016 484
  • Phone number: +34 934 016 484
  • Contact: Mr. Tomás Martín
  • Pick up time: workdays, from 8am till 8pm
The email address the courier service must send the identification documents is These documents must reach SIAE Camins at least 4 workdays in advance, otherwise the envelope will not be deposited in time for pick up as we currently work remotely due to COVID restrictions.