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Learning objectives & career opportunities

Learning objectives

  • To form generalist engineers, with a good background in basic sciences and a broad insight on civil engineering.
  • The bachelor's degree in civil engineering provides the necessary knowledge to manage, design and monitor works involving roads, highways, channels, bridges, harbors, airports, dams, tunnels, gas stations, sewers, water treatment plants, parking lots, industrial units, building structures, water supply & collecting systems, water drainage, and train & urban planning among others.
  • This bachelor's degree qualifies for the regulated profession of Civil Engineer. Once the bachelor's degree is achieved, students are granted access to the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering.

Career opportunities

  • Analysis, design and planning in relation to infrastructure projects, urbanism, landmark construction projects and logistics operations.
  • Management of engineering, infrastructure and consulting companies.
  • Consultancy for civil engineering firms and companies in industry and the service sector.
  • Technical and management positions with government agencies.
  • Self-employment.