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Swansea University

Pel Màster en Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria (línia Computational Mechanics)

Doble titulació de 120 ECTS adreçada a estudiants del MMNE de la línia Computational Mechanics.

El primer curs es realitzaran 60 ECTS a l’Escola de Camins. El segon curs es realitzarà a la Universitat de Swansea (60 ECTS).

En acabar, s'obtenen dos títols: el Màster en Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria de l'Escola de Camins i el Master in Computational Mechanics de la Universitat de Swansea.

La defensa del TFM es realitzarà a Swansea i posteriorment es presentarà a l’Escola de Camins.

Per a més informació sobre la sol·licitud, tràmits i terminis, cliqueu aquí.

Itinerari DD Swansea



The Double Master of Science degree in Computational Mechanics field, offered by UPC and USWAN is designed for students who wish to develop their knowledge and competency in the field of computational mechanics with applications in solids, fluids and interdisciplinary fields. Students will study at both institutions.

The programme lasts two academic years (120 ECTS) and includes an MSc Thesis as well as Practical Training in an industrial or applied research environment. The first year is aimed at providing a solid background in computational mechanics and numerical methods as well as entrepreneurship awareness, transversal skills and practical industrial training. Students can select to follow the first year either at UPC or USWAN. The second year is designed to gain a deeper knowledge in a particular area within computational mechanics and must be pursued in the other institution.

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