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Final Diploma Request (Online)

Once students have met all of the corresponding requirements, they are entitled to apply for the Degree Certificate (Final Diploma) and the Diploma Supplement request online through the application that the UPC has enabled.

Students may request from the School (e-Secretaria>Procedures>Request>Other) a Provisional Degree Certificate (document in Spanish) for the purposes of joining a professional association or legalizing the degree in foreign governments. It is valid for one year from the date of issue.

The Final Diploma cannot be sent to your personal address. It will be sent to the Embassy or Consulate of Spain that you indicate, as soon as you have received notification of the arrival of the Final Diploma.

Who can request it

When to apply

All academic year except August.


How to apply online



(Closing of academic record)

> As soon as you meet all the academic and economic requirements, your academic record as a graduate will be closed and the application will be automatically activated in your UPC student account: e-Secretaria>Degree certificate and application

> If you do not have the "Degree certificate and application" option activated in your e-Secretaria, contact SIAE Camins - Final Diploma ()




e-Secretaria>Degree certificate and application>Degree application

> Check your Personal details (it must exactly match the identity document that you will attach)


> Check your Económic data (if the associated fee is paid by a third person or institution, you should not take this section into account)


> Check your Family address (street, telephone and personal email)





> Submit document to justify personal details

> Submit and Send to validate


> Authorize your application if everything is correct



(Signature & Registration)

> You will receive a notification email with authorization the request


e-Secretaria>Degree certificate and application>Registration and payment of the degree

> Click "Submit" to register at the UPC Electronic Office

> Enter your UPC credentials and "Sign and register" the document

> You can download the Degree application data that you have just registered



(Payment & Receipt)

> You must make the payment for e-Secretaria>Forms and payments

> If the associated fee is paid by a third person or institution, you should not take this section into account

> In 24/48h you can download the Degree application receipt

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