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Teaching innovation grants

Continuously improving the quality of our studies is one of the main objectives of Barcelona School of Civil Engineering. That is why a Call for Innovative Teaching Projects is held every year.



Some of the projects awarded

Contents for the MOOC "Language in Engineering"

MOOC Course with a marked transversal character, designed to facilitate that students who initiate university studies learn the contents of the basic and common courses of the different university engineering degrees.
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Smartlab Camins: Research data cloud storage service

Lately inexpensive experimentation has developed significantly. Barcelona School of Civil Engineering is in charge of several laboratories and courses where experimental measures are developed. Ideally, these data should be stored continuously and open data storage clouds are ideal when it comes to linking open programming, monitoring and data-use tools.
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Camins Makers. Digital manufacturing focused on Civil Engineering

Explore the possibilities of low cost experimentation (Arduino plates, sensors, cables, actuators, etc.) and 3D printing for its application to courses on calculation of structures, such as: Building, Armed Concrete, Seismoresist Design, Metallic Structures, Structural Dynamics, as well as to the Final Thesis that may arise.
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Voting in class using mobile devices

Classroom "Quizzes". Consisting of a test in moodle Atenea that students answer with their cell phones, tablets or PCs. This test allows introducing the class with a summary of the contents previously presented in the classroom. As the results of the test are obtained immediately, students' responses can be discussed contributing thus to the improvement of learning.
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MMC Flipped Classroom

Application of the reverse class technique to the courses in Mechanics of Continuous Media from The Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and Master's Degree in Civil Engineering taught in English. The student prepares the class contents accessing the materials uploaded in the course's web page while classroom work is dedicated, through specific group dynamics, to consolidate and put into practice the theoretical knowledge, solve problems, clarify doubts, develop communication skills, etc.
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