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Geological Engineering

The Bachelor's Degree in Geological Engineering integrates the principles of geological sciences with the analysis and engineering techniques to provide reliable and sustainable solutions, adapted to the needs of society.

This degree will provide students with the necessary knowledge to evaluate and manage natural resources, for the protection of the environment, as well as to solve a variety of practical problems associated with the construction of infrastructure works using the principles of sustainable engineering.

This degree especializes in the tools for the design of constructive solutions, in the sustainable management of natural resources, in the forecasting and mitigation of geological risks, in the storage of waste and in the protection of the physical environment. Students will receive training in techniques of data capture and treatment for the characterization of the terrain, 3D digital cartography, geotechnical modeling, natural hazards and pollutant behavior.

Academic year 2019-2020 starts September 2019
Duration 4 years
Study load 240 ECTS (including the bachelor's thesis)
Delivery On-campus
Language Spanish & Catalan
Places In extinction (no places available)
Official degree Bachelor's Degree in Geological Engineering by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (recorded in the Spanish Ministry of Education's degree register)
Double degree agreements

Career opportunities

  • Construction companies, consultancy firms and laboratories.
  • Environmental companies.
  • The oil and gas industry: exploration and characterisation of natural resources (oil, gas, minerals, raw materials).
  • Instrumentation and control companies.
  • Administrations.
  • Geological services.
  • Research centres.

Learning objectives

  • This degree forms generalist engineers and engineers with a wide range of possibilities in the labor market. The graduates will have solid knowledge of digital cartography, the use of remote sensors, techniques of recognition and 3D visualization of the subsoil, natural processes modeling, geo-environmental engineering, groundwater technology, resource analysis, environmental impact, geotechnics , geophysics and geology.
  • To enable people to practice the regulated profession of technical engineering of mines, surveys and mining surveys.

The Bachelor's Thesis is an original exercise to be done individually and presented and defended before a university pannel consisting in a project in the sphere of the specific civil engineering technologies synthesising and integrating the competences acquired on the course.

List of bachelor's thesis currently scheduled for public presentation:

This program has been awarded the following quality labels:

*Further to the initiation of the accreditation procedure by AQU Catalunya, the title of the degree "Grau en Enginyeria de la Construcció" (Bachelor's Degree in Construction Engineering) was modified to "Grau en Enginyeria d'Obres Públiques" (Bachelor's Degree in Public Works Engineering), as stated in the Supreme Court decision dated 03/03/2015 (Appeal num. 144/2013).