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Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering

Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering



Our graduates are entitled to be professional civil engineers responsible for planning, management, construction and conservation of civil engineering projects.

Civil engineering is a versatile area of knowledge and is present in many areas of action, most of which are emerging and strategic, such as: sustainable mobility, water supply, renewable energy and energy transition, Smart Cities, Just-in-Time logistics, circular economy, or climate change, among others.

These are the professionals who already contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations.

Academic year 2020-2021 starts September 2020
Duration 4 years
Study load 240 ECTS (including the bachelor's thesis)
Delivery On-campus
Language Spanish & Catalan
Places 40
Official degree Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (recorded in the Spanish Ministry of Education's degree register)

We recommend for applicants to have completed high-school courses in science and technology and have the following characteristics:

  • Advanced knowledge of basic physics and mathematics studies.
  • Analytic skills
  • Abstraction and attention to detail skills.
  • Observation skills.

Means of admission

Find all the information on the different means of admission to the bachelor's degree.


To access the degree studies of Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, you must obtain a place through the university pre-enrollment procedure of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

You can check all the information regarding university pre-registration through the University Admission site.

Cut-off mark and grade improvement

The cut-off mark for the 2020-2021 year has not yet been published.

Please check the Generalitat de Catalunya's Department of Universities and Research site for more information on the cut-off marks for former years.

You can also check the courses that will improve your admission grades.

Since the 2020-2021 academic year the Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering (2010 program) and the the Bachelor's Degree in Public Works Engineering will become extinct and will no longer accept new students. Students enrolled in these programs in extinction will have two choices:

Career opportunities

Civil engineers and engineers are incorporated as technicians, managers, designers, consultants or builders in companies related to:

  • infrastructures,
  • flow of water, energy, goods and people,
  • ports, airports, stations and logistics centers,
  • natural resource management and recycling companies and institutions,
  • companies and institutions involved in the public use of cities,
  • consulting companies, and
  • quality laboratories.

Learning objectives

  • Civil engineers are qualified professionals with a high analytical and decisive capacity that allows them seeking efficient and sustainable solutions to complex technological and engineering problems.

  • With this degree you will acquire a solid formation, a broad domain of technical knowledge and work management skills.
  • These studies enable to practice the regulated profession of Public Works Engineer.
  • Once the degree is finished, you will have the option of accessing the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering.
2020-2021 Academic year



First year
Fall semester
Mathematical fundamentals 6
Linear algebra 6
Applied physics 6
Applied geology 6
Graphic expression 6
Spring semester
Calculus 6
Urbanism & regional systems 6
Mechanics I 6
Business & construction legislation 6
Chemistry of materials 6



Second year
Fall semester
Geomatics 6
Construction materials 6
Geometry & differential equations 6
Mechanics II 6
Probability & statistics 6
Spring semester
Hydraulics 6
Strength of materials 6
Numerical methods in engineering 6
Representation techniques 6
Environmental technology 6



Third year
Fall semester
Geotechnics 6
Structures 6
Transportation systems 6
Surface & groundwater hydrology I 6
Construction management 6
Spring semester
Reinforced concrete 6
Metallic constructions 6
Construction methods & electrical engineering 6
Public works project 6
Transportation infrastructures 6



Fourth year
Fall semester
Maritime constructions 6
Geotechnical engineering 6
Common elective courses (2) 12
Itinerary elective course 6
Spring semester
Itinerary elective courses (4) 18
Bachelor's thesis 12

Elective courses

Common elective courses
  • Graphic design & numerical analysis
  • GIS & remote sensing
  • History of civil engineering
  • Social impact of public works
  • Machine learning & data science
Itinerary in Technology applied to Civil Constructions
  • Structural design
  • Construction of bridges & other structures
  • Building construction & prefabrication
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Introduction to structure management
  • Construction management
  • Geotechnical constructions
Itinerary in Technology applied to Hydrology
  • Hydraulic constructions
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Surface & groundwater hydrology II
  • Port engineering
  • Environmental impact on maritime works
  • Water supply
  • Design & analysis tools in hydraulic engineering
Itinerary in Technology applied to Urban Transportation & Services
  • Administration, urban planning & public services
  • Construction of transportation infrastructure
  • Transportation management
  • Elements of urban sustainability
  • Infrastructure preservation
  • Urban logistics & transport terminals

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Students enrolled at UPC for the Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering can access the following information:


This information is unavailable for the moment. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

The Bachelor's Thesis is an original exercise to be done individually and presented and defended before a university pannel consisting in a project in the sphere of the specific civil engineering synthesising and integrating the competences acquired on the course.

List of bachelor's thesis currently scheduled for public presentation:

As this is a new program there is not any information available for the moment.